Tesla (TSLA) Issues Minor Recall of its Model S Cars

By Jun 19, 2013, 6:01 AM Author's Blog  

Tesla Motors (TSLA) chairman and CEO Elon Musk announced on late Tuesday night that his company is voluntarily recalling about 800 of its Model S electric vehicles manufactured between May 10th and June 8th 2013, due to a potentially weak bracket holding the left hand, second row seat. The issue – the defect could leave the seat less than adequately retained in the event of a crash, and needs to be reinforced.

Mr. Musk made the recall on Twitter, adding that it should be completed by next week. He stressed that there have been no customer complaints or any injuries that he’s aware of, nor has any regulatory body prompted the recall. Tesla will pick up the car from “a location of the owner’s convenience”, provide a Model S loaner if needed, perform the work and return the vehicle back to the owner a few hours later, Musk said.

The recall is the first of its kind since the electric car maker launched its new service and warranty program in April this year.

Tesla’s stock is down nearly two points, or 1.73 percent, in pre-market hours/Jun 19, 6:04AM EDT.

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